Jewelry Collections

Hammered curled wire with your choice of stones Gypsy 42

Shabby White Tulip Earrings Raw Gold Brass Flower Big Dangle Earrings Floral Nature Earring Flowers Botanical Boho Chic French Romantic

SALE purple Amethyst crystal rhinestone Gold Earrings. Flower earrings. Bridesmaids dangles. Statement jewelry

Vintage Inspired Ogee Earrings

Your choice of gemstone on hammered twist shape earrings Venus 92

Vintage Blue Moonstone Demi Parure, Rhinestone Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Costume Jewelry, Mid Century

Gold stud earrings , Gold Geometric studs , round stud earrings , gift for her , Geometric Jewelry , classic Jewelry.

Mixed metal jewelry mokume tree metal earrings

Silver Natural Tanzanite Earrings, Oxidized Earrings ,Tanzanite Earrings, Gift For Her

Mismatched earrings, Feather earrings, Tribal earrings, Hippie earrings, Feather jewelry, Boho earrings, Asymmetric African earrings

Typewriter Key Earrings

Hammered hoops wrapped with Ivory Pearls, Green Apatite Cleopatra 107

Hammered circles with ruby, carnelian, and ivory coin pearl Bohemian 72

Ear Climber Teardrop, White Wedding Earring, Birthstone Jewelry Bridesmaid, Moon Stone Earring, Mother Of Pearl Ear Jacket, Moon Piercing

Pink Red Floral Cone Earrings, Lampwork Earrings, Glass Earrings, Flower Earrings, Lampwork Jewelry, Gold Filled Earrings

Fan Tassel Earrings. Black Ivory or Turquoise Tassel Earrings. Chandelier Earrings. Tassel Dangle Earrings. Statement Earrings. Jewelry.

Daisy plugs 13/16 plugs 20mm flower plugs real floral gauges real daisy tunnels Unique Tunnel purple Plug Earrings resin Pressed Flower

Long soutache earrings

Gold Dipped Studs

13/16" 20mm yellow real flower plugs real floral plugs flower tunnels girly tunnels Unusual Ear Plug Earrings gauge earrings cute expander

Purple flower plugs 11/16" 18mm real flower plugs floral plugs tunnels gauge earrings flower tunnel cute ear tunnel unique plugs girly plugs

Flower plugs 13/16 plugs 20mm real flower plugs floral ear gauges purple tunnels Unique Tunnel Plug Earrings rcute stretcher girly tunnels

11/16" plugs 18mm tunnels pink Daisy plugs flower ear plugs floral gauges real flower tunnels Unique Tunnel Pressed Flower plugs clear plugs

Roman glass jewelry necklace. Designer Israeli Sterling silver necklace set with roman glassisraelische schmuck

Between The Seaweeds Blue Topaz Earrings, 14k White Gold Earrings, Post Dangle Earrings Gold, Gift for Her, Gemstone Earrings

Blue Daisy plugs 13/16 plugs 20mm flower plugs floral gauges real daisy tunnels Unique Tunnel Plug Earrings resin stretcher girly expander

Wedding plugs 11/16" wood plugs 18mm plugs flower plugs floral gauges real flower plug wood Tunnels organic Plugs resin stretcher girly plug

Sterling silver authentic roman glass earrings Israeli handworkisraelische schmuck

Neon pink Stud earrings, Drop earrings,Swarovski pink earrings, Trendy stylish Rhinestone earrings 14 K Gold plated Swarovski jewelry

Real flowers plugs 13/16 plugs 20mm plugs floral ear gauges tunnels Unique Tunnel Plug Earrings cute earplugs girly tunnels wedding gauges

Real flowers plugs floral ear gauges 13/16 plugs 20mm plugs tunnels Unique bridal Tunnel Plug terrarium jewelry girly tunnels wedding gauges

Coral earrings peach, easter gift ideas, orange earrings, spring earrings, peach wedding jewelry, romantic jewelry, bridesmaid earrings long

Moonstone & White Topaz Ring * Gold Vermeil Ring * Statement Ring *Gemstone Ring * Labradorite * Bridal Ring *Wedding Ring * BJR118

11/16" plugs 18mm tunnels flower plugs flower ear plugs floral gauges real flower tunnels Unique Tunnel bridal plugs gauges white earplugs

Rose Quartz Earrings Natural Blush Pink Gemstone Long Dangle Earrings zodiac Scorpio crystals in 14K Rose Gold Filled Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Turquoise Earrings Artisan Handcrafted Wire Wrapped Flower

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